Udderfest 2018: The Udder Theatre Festival

Hook, Line and Snicker Improv

Regulars Krista A. Ediger, Treena Y. Decker, Erik S. Langille and Lyle D. McNish are back with some fun theatre sports. Special guest Lucas F. Anders flies in from Edmonton to tantalize your comic taste buds.

War of Wits

Comedy debate is back with Prince Rupert's funniest 'baters. Topics are local and a little different. Keeping the improvised rhetoric on-track are Timer Lyle McNish and Host Chris Armstrong.

Bad Things: Funeral Edition

The goth answer to Martha Stewarts Good Things is back! Barfa Crimson Moon is joined by guest Death Darkflower to give event planning tips for turning your next funeral into an event to remember. The duo provide audience members with decor, food and entertainment ideas to put the FUN back in FUNeral.

Certainly a Heap of Erratically Silly Scenes

Certainly a Heap of Erratically Silly Scenes is similar to an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, except with more audience participation and less British accents. This original play is a bunch of zany fun.

Ginger Tut

A world-premiere performance of the Georgian song cycle composed by the 5th Earl of Carnarvon following the discovery of Tutankhamen's intact tomb in 1922. Carnarvon was wracked by guilt for haranguing Howard Carter, leader of Carnarvon's Egyptian expeditions, for indolence. In contrition, he spent three years locked in his estate's Gothic folly, composing a series of lyrical ballads for zither, kettle drum, and red-haired castrati. The newly-published critical edition will be rendered by the Castrati Chorus of Lower Seal Cove.

Locked Down

Locked down is the story of men in jail written by men who have spent very little time in jail The main characters are Gimp: a seasoned con doing hard time and his new cellmate, Orange Rouge, who is struggling to adapt to his unexpected circumstances. Follow the adventures as they meet tough customers, learn life lessons and soar to new heights in this benignly absurdist take on life in the big house. Also, it's funny.

Way Over My Head: A Cold War Play About Modern Times

It's the fifties, and when Vancouver journalist Harold Greene sells out to the Soviet Union, he must keep his latest career move an absolute secret. Trouble at his wife's work, a US military intelligence investigation, and the identity of a local serial killer make things difficult for him very quickly. Will it all work out in the end for Mr. and Mrs. Greene? Everyone's in way over their heads

Youth Camp: The Quest to Mend a Broken Heart

The Youth Camp participants guide us through an improv-based story for all ages. It tells a classic tale of good versus evil. But who is good and who is evil? In a world where differences inspire fear, magic and time travel become tools for characters to tell their tale and remind us that acceptance and good intentions are power. Participants ranging from ages 5 and up and are looking forward to performing at Udderfest on August 11 with back-to-back matinee performances