Weekly Improv Workshops

Join members of the Hook, Line and Snicker improv group for a free 90-minute improv workout. Newcomers are welcome and no prior experience of improv is required.

Sugar Shack Dessert Theatre

Presented in cooperation with the Association des Francophones et Francophiles du Nord-Ouest, this evening of French-Canadian desserts and high-spirited improv is guaranteed to increase your blood sugar.

War of Wits and Hook, Line and Snicker Improv: The Love Edition

Featuring two rounds of impromptu comedy debates and a performance by Prince Rupert's seasoned Hook, Line and Snicker improv troupe in a omnibus performance dedicated to love and lovers. Please bring your own chocolate fountain.

Udder Theatre Festival 2018

The annual Udder Theatre Festival unites together performers from around BC and provide a platform for new local productions. Stay tuned for the festival schedule.