20 Years of Udderfest


In 1999, Harbour Theatre held its first Udderfest. Close to 1,000 people came to see it. It was organized by David Smook, who stated in a interview with The Daily News, "The theatre scene is alive and well in Prince Rupert. We're seeing that it is a hotbed of fabulous entertainment and theatre." Udderfest 1999 productions took place in the Sons of Norway Hall (Victoria, BC) and in the Ocean Centre Mall.

Here are some of the theatre productions that played at Udderfest 1999:

Aquatic Hee-Haw

The Height Report

Theremins Voice (a short skit featuring Barry Eso)

Heads (a science fiction story about a man and women that are abducted by a alien who only takes their heads)


Udderfest 2000 was our second annual Udder theatre festival, it had close to 1200 people attending with eight brand new plays (seven of which were written by the performers). Our second Udderfest had two venues for performances: Shoppers Drug Mart and The Gordon & Anderson building. "It's showcasing Northwest performers and their art"- David Smook.

Here are the theatre productions that were played at Udderfest 2000:

A Prince Rupert story   

Sea of love  

Jesus 2000   

Toward Arcturus               

Ali Baba                

Ship of Fools  

Vampire Lesbians  

Aq. Hee Haw


Udderfest 2001 was our third annual Udderfest and it was hosted both in the newly constructed Tom Rooney Playhouse and Gordon & Anderson. 2001 was a year of expansion for the Udder theatre festival with increased advertising covering the lower mainland, Interior and Alaska.

Here are the theatre productions that were played at Udderfest 2001:

Dr. Quast and Mr. Skinner

The Mysterious Hearts 

Treasure of the Mesmerizing Mermaid  

Butts out at the Belmont 

The fever

Hope Slide 

Aquatic Hee Haw 

Something Fishy Show

The Wicked Wish


Udderfest 2002 was held in the Tom Rooney playhouse and due to increased advertisement Udderfest saw a 20% increase in attendance. This was our fourth annual Udderfest showcasing five  performances over four days (August 6th- 7th).

Here are some of the performances that were played  at Udderfest 2002:

Aquatic Hee Haw

Sea of Love   

Ship of fools

The fever


Udderfest 2003 was our fifth Udderfest, it showcased six performances over a four day period two of which were from out of town. Udderfest 2003 was held in two venues venues: The Harbour Theatre and the Ocean Center Mall.

Here are some of the  the productions for Udderfest 2003:

Dead TV

Aquatic Hee-Haw


Meyer's Room

Undressing the nation 

Burnt Tounge


The sixth annual Udderfest began on August 4th, 2004, It was organized by Graeme Mcnish who was quoted saying "It's the biggest one we've had yet" during an interview with The Daily News. Having  a lot of different styles of plays from comedy to drama Udderfest 2004 featured 10 full performances. Udderfest 2004 was hosted in the Tom Rooney playhouse and the Ocean Business Center.

Here are the some of plays that were played at Udderfest 2004: 

13 things about Ed Carpolotti

Nice Guys Anonymous

Escape From the Enchanted Castle (Youth camp play)

This is a Test


Udderfest 2005 played seven theatre productions six of which were local, all the productions had multiple showings at the Tom Rooney Playhouse."In terms of attendance and participation we were very happy on a local level"- Lyle Mcnish, Udderfest 2005.

Here are some of the theatre productions played at Udderfest 2005:

Whimsical Timewrap

The Eight : reindeer Monologues

Aquatic Hee-Haw


Udderfest 2006 was our eighth annual  Udder theatre festival and it held four theatre productions at The Tom Rooney Playhouse. The youth camp improved upon the Udder theatre festival with there play: The Chronicles of Brussels Sprouts, a comedic take on The Chronicles of Narnia.

Here are some of the productions for Udderfest 2006:

The Chronicles of Brussels Sprouts

Aquatic Hee-Haw

The Wicked Wish

Hope Slide 


Udderfest 2007 featured more than 12 performances in a number of local venues. Udderfest 2007 also held our first puppet show done by Leah Cuthbert, a local puppet master that was quoted saying "Udderfest seemed to be a good fit to bring my creations to the stage" in a interview with the Daily News.The Udder theatre festival of 2007  was sponsored by the Prince Rupert Rotary club that contributed heavily to bring the festival to life.

Here are some of the productions for Udderfest 2007:

Andrew A.


The spiderman Cape 

The Three Little Pigs